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We have cheat trap links in the ads area that notify us on detection of such software. If you are caught using this kind of software and any fake registration, your account will be suspended.
Frequent violation of this term will result in termination of your account with us and all funds/earnings will be forfeited.
Also, providing random/fake/manipulated information(s) will lead to Termination of your account with us. Your account information will be verified before issuing payout. We shall not allow under 18 years old member. You can change your userid according to the email-id. System is being worked in Google chrome. Friendly browser google chrome.
System is being worked from smart mobile to smart mobile.
Systen will be worked when you are online.
You can change your email address.
You can change your password.
You can change your blog name.
Registration will be guaranteed through email and sms varification process.
SMS sending time of the registration process will be minimum 1 to 14 munites. or registration process will be continue by manually.
We can send you SMS any time.
You will get rs. 25000/- in your account. You will get the payment by account pay cheque at your home address. You can continue your income again by remaining your fields of percentage.
Add user in your account :- You add new user in your account everyday by sign-up use your blog link to get maximum income in your account. You must add valid user by your blog url. You will be able to reach at your targer by your user Sign up.
You add new user everyday in your user list to get income in your account.

You will earn maximum rs. 200/- in your account for each confirm signup of sixty persent job.
You will earn maximum rs. 100/- in your account for each confirm signup of ten persent job.
Next twenty five persent job income depend on how many users(verified) has been sign-up use your blog link.
Twenty users out of hundred confirm users eighty persent job working ability will help you to get payent rs. 25000/- per month.
Next five persent job income depend on verified users working ativity. Minimum payout 25000/-


Minimum withdrawal Rs. 100/- everyday.

Here below we explain how much you can earn by referring/joining more people to this site.
Whenever anyone joins under your Referral ID, you get Rs. 5/- per such person joined.

Paid Referrals

Income (per joining)

No. of People joined by you

Your Income (Per Level)

Your Total Income































The above income is based on this assumption that if you join people in his network, then you can earn Rs.93,000 and more from this system. You can get your income by cheque or by direct bank transfer in your bank a/c. You can submit your bank details in your "My Profile" section in your login area.

You can withdrawal minimum payment Rs. 100/- in your Bank account, Paytm account and Paypal account anytime.

Your blog/referral link will be http://www.gyrojob.com/blogname (you can change blog/referral name).

Withdrawal Rs. 750/- .

When joining person pay us then you can withdrawal Rs. 750/- in your Bank account, Paytm account and Paypal account anytime, anyday of the month for each paid member.
Withdrawal Rs. 750/- anytime for each paid member.

Every month you can recharge yourself as a green zone performer by geting payment rs 25000/- Only green zone performer may get 1 lakh (one lakh) instead of 25000/-

One user of twenty green zone users who has earned 25000/- in minimum time will be got 1 lakh .
Some features will be dependent to get 1 lakh .

1 - Pay registration fees in minimum time ( value - 20% ) .
2 - Add maximum valid user in your account ( value - 15% ) .
3 - Minimum time you have earned 25000/- in your account ( value - 60% ) .
4 - Pest your blog link in your google blog or website ( value - 5% ) .

You can earn by referring/joining people by referral link. You can earn Rs. 5/- for each joining by your referral link, joining person not to buy or sale anything.

When joining person pay us then you can withdrawal Rs. 750/- in your bank account anytime, anyday of the month for each paid member.

You can continue your unlimited income for each month.
Registration fees :

Registration fees : Rs. 2100/- ( Discount offer ).

Registration fees : Rs. 1750/- ( Refundable ).

Registration fees

Rs. 1750/-





Rs. 2065/-

Registration fees will be refunded with your first month payment.
Helpline number : 86976-16804 / 98743-74815

Sign up and get details in your member area, how you will pay us.
How will I get the payment ?

You can get the payment by account pay cheque at your home address .
You can get the payment to your Bank Account.
You can get the payment by Paytm .
You can receive payment through paypal account.

You can get payment any time of the day of the month.

The job is only India based.

We shall allow one time personal domain email. Personal domain holder can create maximum email for fake registration.

We shall allow email service provider like gmail, yahoo mail, rediff mail, vsnl mail, hotmail.


We reserve the right to change these terms of service at any time without prior consent or notice.
you won't be able to apply any legal activity on M/s, Gyrojob and M/s, Gyrojob admin related any person.