Back office Data entry jobs, Howrah

Data Entry / Back Office jobs in Howrah, Data entry jobs howrah, Data Entry Jobs howrah Online/Offline (Applicable online anywhere in India): Data processing: Converting data into usable/desired form as per the given instructions. destination as per the instructions. The matter could be a one liner, 10 lines, 50 lines or even 100 lines. Form Filling Jobs: Fill the online forms with specific details given. Copy and Paste Jobs: Copy and paste the content on a word document, saving it on computer and emailing it to the Typist Data entry Jobs howrah: Transferring data from paper formats into digital files. Data entry jobs howrah, Data Entry Operators/Typists will be responsible for entering data into different computer databases, managing and maintaining effective record keeping. In addition, they would be responsible for organizing files collecting and managing data to be entered into the computer