Assistant Fashion Designer jobs, Kolkata

Fashion Designer jobs in Kolkata, Candidate will be required to design garments for women. These garments will typically be a smart fusion of ethnic and western wear. The design process includes tagging of fabrics along with sketches/images that have been approved. Overseeing the creation and finally value addition on the outfits. We are currently dealing with natural fabrics like Cotton, Rayon, and Linen and we expect fast embellishments wherever needed. Typically we like designs that are simple yet sophisticated and hope to cater to an audience looking for smart outfits to be worn at home or get-togethers and smaller-scale parties. As a design assistant, you work as part of a team under a senior designer to develop concepts, patterns, silhouettes, artwork, and other supporting assets used in the creation and support of a clothing line, collection. You would use your product knowledge and strong pattern cutting skills to create prototypes and tailor existing garments. You may also be responsible for managing parts of the design process, for example, making sure items are ready on time by working closely with factories and suppliers.l