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Most of the SEO consultant conversions about content, content is a recurring theme in the use of modern search engine and should have some good reasons. Numerous studies have shown that a company website that posts more and more of its blog posts gets more business traffic than it does not post. Even publishing one to two blog posts per week can have a profound effect on the product's natural availability for the long-term benefits of an SEO campaign. Keyword research is an important part of SEO, and is the foundation of a successful marketing campaign. Knowing how to choose your keywords is important in sending your message and promoting your content, product or services. Whether you want to increase traffic or conversions, this is where you start. The articles and guidelines below focus on keyword research and strategies Backlinko in Keyword Research - Backlinko builds some visual and effective visual guidelines for a variety of SEO topics. This article in keyword research, written by Brian Dean, basically begins to inform you of the importance of keywords, but goes on to show you the best ways to search for the right keywords, to provide you with tips and resources. You can also save the guide as a PDF and keep it close as an asset to your initial campaigns, it includes pressing notes on the usage and limitations of Google Keyword Planner, and offers a few interesting ways to look out.

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Keyword Guidelines - After this link you will get access to two separate keyword research guides produced by Copyright All you need to do is sign up for an account and you will find Keyword Research: Real World Guide and Content Marketing Research: An Important First Step. Not only that, but you are also given the opportunity to download 14 more books on content writing and marketing, SEO and related courses, and 20 online marketing courses - the same agreement mentioned above. Gyrojob's Beginner's Guide - This article by Hubspot (written by Rachel Sprung) provides insight and provides basic information on keyword research. It is best completed with another gyrojob article, Keyword Research 101, written by Samantha Winchell. The final article however focuses on some of the research and provides you with resources and methods. Gyrojo Visual Guide on Keyword Targeting - Rand Fishkin consciously explains how to target keywords and make page optimization with great SEO results. Her essay is wonderfully backed up by data and diagrams that aid the learning process and make all that information easier to access. How to Find Driving Benefit Keywords - In this clip from Wordstream, you will learn about some of their best keyword research tools (such as Keyword Niche Finder or Keyword Grouper). I suggest that you read some of the articles they also recommend, they are very insightful and constructive. Six Key Pillars of Keyword Research - This is a short, straightforward, but useful article that takes you through the basic steps of finding the right keywords. It may be more superstitious than practical, but it puts you in the right frame of mind and preaches the importance of relying on data. In addition, it was written by Bruce Clay, one of the leading SEO minds in the field.

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Deep Keyword Strategy - If you are willing to pay for classes, this is one of the lessons offered by In the Video / Audio section In the classes above, I also listed video and audio classes that you may find useful. For some, it may be easier to learn about appearance, or directly from the teacher, but in the end, it is up to you how much time and money you are willing to invest to become an SEO expert.

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In all fairness, you can get a quick education by logging in and paying for online courses like these, but I recommend doing the right research before signing up for anything (SEO-focused forums, like SEOBook, can be a better source for real customer / student ideas, rather than the website itself) . How to Do SEO Keyword Research - Here is an in-depth article on keyword research that emphasizes the importance of choosing the right keywords for your purposes. Nick Eubanks to pass on the most important steps of this first phase of SEO, paired with his article on how to make the best use of your targeted keyword pages, this becomes a complete guide for any beginner who can be smart to follow. And if that's not enough for you, Nick also has a 7-day course on keyword research.

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Register here and get a 20% discount on tuition, using AWR20 coupon code! Gyrojob Guide to Proper Search Keywords - As long as you do search engines, keyword research will be one of the most important tasks you have to deal with. You will see that SEOs have different approaches to this, and have chosen different types of tools. That's why it's a good idea to see what everyone has to say, try their best, and decide what works best for you. Here you have a brief guide to keyword research by Content Marketing Institute, another site you can benefit from by following closely.