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Requesting the job seekers to post their own details and don't forget to upload CV in text file. You can upload your CV in text file format. You must complite your profile details and email varification process.

Job Vacancies across Top Companies.

Vacancies across Top Companies !

Job Vacancies across Top Companies. Create a Resume and apply to the latest Jobs across top companies now.


Salary may start minimum 25,000/- +

Search for best suitable job vacancies in top companies and apply for IT, MBA, finance, BPO, KPO & other jobs in top companies.
Write position profile i.e. jobs/tasks which the position is expected to do; documenting this activity is impotent to ensure that right candidates.
Write technical skills & soft skills required for the position
Take a technical test to 'deselect'; preferably this should be a written test by employers.
After shortlisting candidates through the technical test, take interview primarily to assess "soft skills"
In addition to interview, use tools like psychometric analysis, hand-writing analysis to know further about the candidate
Take feedback from references provided by candidate; do a background check independently as well

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Find top resumes of job seekers. 40,000 + Jobseekers waiting and looking for good job.




Find top resumes and profiles of job seekers. 40,000 + Jobseekers waiting and looking for good job.

Employers can apply five type of Job with complite job title, job description Employers can search thousansds of top job seekers CV who are looking for a good job. Requesting job employers to type job type and city in title and description fields.



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