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Local SEO enables us to do small local business. Google's seo SEO offers you to rate your online services the idea of this part of your local SEO strategy is to get the business name and contact details out there as much as possible. The purpose of building a website for local businesses is to create an opportunity to engage their local audience and make them customers. It wouldn't make sense if you created a hotel website based in Kolkata and get traffic from your website in the middle of the world. Local SEO advertising is about strategies. So what can you do to grow your SEO game as a small local business? Learn the following few tricks and you will pass your competition. Be consistent. The first step to rank high in local searches is to make sure your business details are consistent across all platforms. You will need your company name, address and phone number (or NAP) to match exactly where your business appears on the web. If there are any variations such as street abbreviations or incorrect phone numbers, Google may not trust your site as a local business or may not show you at all. That's why accuracy is so important in local SEO advertising. Search for your services on local seo My Business. This is a best way that can help your local SEO rank. It can increase traffic to your site by showing users where you are, your business hours, and even photos and reviews of your company. You will want to apply and verify your business. Google needs verification in order to recognize your business as a legitimate company.

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Speaking of local SEO advertising, location is everything. So make sure yours is accurate. Updating your business hours is also important so that potential buyers know when you are open. If there are holidays when you are closed, make these updates and make sure your customers are aware of your hours. This can also build customer trust. Adding photos to Google My Business can also help your company. Pictures can help potential buyers understand what your business is all about and can increase confidence. Imagine being followed by someone on Instagram who has no photos. Would you feel that the story is credible? What about an account with 300 photos? Seems to be a more appropriate right? This is very similar to having photos in your Google My Business listing. Request a review. 72% of people trust online updates as they trust friends and family who recommend products or services. Reviews increase your company's credibility and help your website to have better results in your local SEO marketing efforts. There are several factors that play a role in local search levels but Google says that reviews actually contribute to SEO rankings. There are several ways to do this by getting updates. If a client is successful in your company and you feel satisfied, politely ask if it will give you a 5 star review. You can do this by email or even in the face if you feel comfortable doing so. If clients or customers are satisfied with the work you have done, they would be happy to give you a good review! If this sounds a bit straightforward and you might want to try a discount or coupon for a review. Consider adding flexible emails after a customer has purchased from your online store. After receiving their order, you can set up automation to receive a response email. In this email you can ask how your company did, if it has recommendations for what you can do better and then you can add to the call to action to leave a review.

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Put your company on a local list - it gets better! You can use services like Yext to get your company indexed quickly in local directions on the web. This is a paid service but you can also handwrite your site by hand to sites like Yelp, Angie List, Yellow Pages, Four Square, BBB, Kudzu and more! Local business listings will ask you for more data such as your business name, phone number, address, description, categories, and public profiles. You as the business owner need to provide as accurate information as possible.

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Each time you create a list on a new platform you have to make sure it matches exactly your entire list. View Google algorithm updates. Google often updates its algorithm and we often say 500-600 times a year! While most of these updates may not be relevant and will not affect your standards, Google occasionally issues updates that may have a significant impact on your organic standards. Their main focus is to improve user search results so that they can find exactly what they are looking for. Enter the name of your city or town with the keywords you want to edit. If you are located in Atlanta, your business will want to add the word 'Kolkata' to your keywords.


Make sure your city or city is in your title book and meta description and your H1 tag. Need refresh title, meta and H1 tags? Read the points on the SEO page! Embed a map on your site. This shows Google and your customers where your business is located. It is very helpful to include this map on your contact page to improve local SEO.