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Content optimization is at the heart of any search engine optimization strategy. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools and learning materials that teach you what to look for when making a page layout. Below, you will find additional articles that have some practical suggestions on this subject. Permanent page anatomy This time a short guide from Backlinko, written by Brian Dean, but very important in drawing attention to some of the most important things on the page. The attached infographic makes it easy to understand what features are and where they go on the page. I recommend keeping it close, especially on your first try. Step-by-SEO SEO Guide This summary guide from gyrojob is good at explaining, in a simple way to understand, what the most important things are doing on a working page. It is careful and can be used as a template. Moz's On-Page Factors A clean article that introduces the key to optimizing your pages and making them more accessible and search engine-friendly. Use of SEO 101 Page As a Good and Notable Pro, this section was written by Zain Shah with the knowledge of the categories of Search Engine Journal well and stands as a good guide to good use. On-page Topic Targeting for SEO Another useful article from Cyrus Shepard, where you get practical, practical advice on keyword indexing, keyword frequency and distance, links, and more. 2014 SEO Playbook This article by Tom Schmitz lists the same things you have been reading so far, but it gives good descriptions of their value and provides vivid examples to follow along. Although written for 2014, the ideas it contains will still work for years to come. Complete Site Uses Study The author of this post, Sean Si, says this is a complete, yet simplified tutorial for site optimization. Since that is not possible, the writer is able to arrange the details carefully, so that each item is listed, and you get a link that leads to a more detailed description. Designing Unstoppable Viruses Learning to write good articles is a weighty part of SEO, and is closely related to good page performance as well. In addition to making sure that your articles are the right length, you also want to make sure that they fit, and that they attract attention! This all-encompassing document by Dan Shure lists many ways to get articles shared and prepared. Free Fat Copy Guide for Copy SEO See what they do there? They used the 'free' keyword to get us to click on the link, without having to charge a symbolic amount to download their content. In all fairness, the price is just $ 2, and this booklet covers important points of writing.

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On-Page SEO Checklist What is better than a guide? A lesson. And what is better than a lesson? Checklist! This is what you get for free when you sign up for an account on the FX website of a web page. A book like this teaches you everything you need to know and do about doing well on the page. Your reliance on the tools of this work only applies to the publishing phase, so it is best to start with all your points on the selected page. On-Page SEO of 2016 If you have read even a small part of the resources on this list, you already know that SEO is not a straightforward science. It appears and changes year after year, more often than not because Google keeps updating search engine algorithms, or simply because some SEO strategies lose their value when overused. So while many things remain the same, some can be completely changed.

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But with this very interesting article with details on how to do it on the 2016 SEO page, cover your back. The SEOlium On-page Optimization Guide I like when descriptive ideas are explained in clear and simple language, aided by indicators. That's why I wanted to include this guide from SEOlium, which can articulate clearly and artistically what one needs to know and do to work effectively on the page. If you are an SEO novice, or are training one, you may want to share this resource with them. After all, each blog post you provide can be placed on search engine results pages like any other static page of your website, so the more pages you publish the more the webpage counts and the search engine index for each level. Most corporate websites do not always find new content, but with a business blog the potential for content growth is evident. But as everyone seems to be jumping faster in content marketing, most website owners are already wandering around how much content is enough for their website ?. A few years ago a few online companies had blogs with their own websites so little content did not go well with the results as expected of helping your product stand out on the search engine results page.

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These days some of the biggest and biggest brands like Microsoft and Oracle have a lot of blogs, without a doubt all resource centers are full of white papers, wanted webinars, audio videos and much, much, much more. Or some smaller brands publish one or more blog posts, articles or e-per-month brochures, which are not enough to provide more information on a search engine. It is said that the more data you give a search engine, the more likely it is to get good rankings and your long-term SEO success.