Jyotirmoy Das looking Fashion Designer Jobs Kolkata, Kolkata

Jyotirmoy Das wants Fashion Designer jobs in Kolkata, Jyotirmoy Das November 13 2022 dear hiring managers My name is Jyotirmoy Das and I am  a graduate from Amity University Kolkata in B.DES (FD) and i have worked with saroj jalan couture house in last 4 months This cover letter is regards to my interest in applying for the fashion designer role in your company i am  excited as I think my qualifications align perfectly for the job role. Therefore I believe that I could become a valuable addition to your team and the whole organization. I realise you might be  looking for a candidate with strong fashion communication skills with hand illustration and a person with a creative mind set I was responsible for the company's capsule collections, upcoming bridal sets and in college in fashion competitions as well as stylist in many shows held by our college. The projects required me to create look books illustration sets for men and women as well as create garments based on the fashion show theme. During my final year project at amity I created a gender fluid collection based on the current trends and keeping the current trends and season also had to finish in time to present them in our inter college fashion competition. Through this project I learnt to work in team and also in a effective work order to achieve my goals. With the combinations of my past work experience, fashion illustration skills and leadership qualities and the knowledge I acquired during my last internships, I am confident I’d make a great fit for the position and am looking forward to having the opportunity to create designs for your upcoming collections. Thank you for taking the time to review my application and consider me as a candidate. I am looking forward to hearing more about the position. I have attached my cv and portfolio bellow Sincerely Jyotirmoy Das